Photographer, performer, art director, LGBTQIA+ activist and head of New Aliens Agency.

Visual artist Jakub Ra has long and intensively devoted himself to the body as the central phenomenon of his work. That is why he works with everything which is connected to
a body. Photography, clothes, performance, food, dance, commercial modeling or new technology.

In the field of fashion he run multidisciplinary project SOTC (Sperm on the clothes) already for four years. In the medium of photography he depicts the theme of body in very comprehensive and profound contexts, metaphysically elaborating all its overlaps and trying to work with the body as a real open environment of today’s existence.

His work is therefore crucial in terms of carnal aesthetics and the discovery of beauty. He is not afraid of internal structures, unknown contexts or extreme positions, so everyone who deals with body weight, physicality, and body survival in overcoming metaphysical being, spirituality, and transformation to the transcendence of bodily experience should pay attention to his work – PXS


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